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Big Data

Everything starts with the Data. You may have heard the term big data but what

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Marketing Strategies

Our overall marketing strategies very slightly from campaign to campaign based on the goals and

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Social Marketing

Social Marketing is can be a great gateway for finding new leads, reaching your ideal

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Email Marketing

Email Campaigns are a very effective tool and means of communicating with your customers &

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Services Explained

Most of the time companies just use the latest buzzwords to attract new clients. Try to read their websites to really understand what service they are providing or how they do it and there is still no clarity. Why? Well, it just sounds good. Cumulus Advanced Technologies has a very different approach and we don’t mind sharing. We do utilize some of the industries top technologies but in order for it to be effective, you have to understand your customer’s journey. In this video, our CEO James Fink helps you to not only understand the customer’s journey but explains to you the meaning of OmniChannel and compares OmniChannel vs¬†MultiChannel.

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