Big Data

Everything starts with the Data. You may have heard the term big data but what does that really mean? Big Data is a lot of data, it includes metadata, social data, mobile data and simply put it is just a lot of collected data. It takes a lot to manage all this data and make it useful. We are not talking about purchasing list’s of data but knowing where the data was collected, how it was collected, when it was collected and things like the intent of the user at the time of collection are all very important. This data is then reviewed to understand the last time this user was seen (online), along with many other factors. You have to understand that one user may have as many as 3,300 data fields. This has to be constantly maintained, updated and crossed referenced with other companies who also manage Big Data.

We use our data to build a persona of the individual. Personas tell us how to speak to this individual as if we were sitting across from them having coffee, only our conversations are in the materials we market to them. Not only what to say but when to say it and on what platform to say it on. More importantly how to continue to move that conversation forward.

If you want to have the ability to scale, to truly scale, then it is important to understand the data.