Social Marketing

Social Marketing is can be a great gateway for finding new leads, reaching your ideal target and branding. Make no mistake this is some of the hardest, most expensive marketing and educational marketing you will come across. It seems easy, platforms have things like “Custom Audiences”, “Look-A-Like Audiences”, “Profiling” and “Behavioral Markers”. So upload a list or create an audience with behaviors you think may get them to click on your ad or take an actionable goal of yours.

The truth is that is a great way to increase your marketing cost and decrease your ROI. At this point what I hear from most companies is “We tried it and it doesn’t work for our product or service” and they completely quite any idea of this type of marketing. Fact, you will spend more per lead or acquisition then you are use too and that could be as much as 5X. From here it’s about testing creatives, content, and adjusting the marketing approach until you find one that lowers your cost, then continue to do so until even after you found a combination that creates a profit for you per lead or acquisition you must continue to improve. Your cost is typically above what you have been used to in the past but your ROI will be higher as well.

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