Cumulus Advanced Technologies is a group of hard-working, like-minded individuals who love what we do. We are not going to try and impress you by rattling off the latest buzz word or marketing technics being passed around the industry this year. Instead, we are going to give it to you straight! We understand that not every marketing strategy works for every project. No matter how many times you have successfully perfected a strategy for one client does not mean it will work the same for the another.

So what will you get from us? We will work hard for you and take the approach it’s our product or service, take the time to understand what has worked well in the past, what has failed and what has changed; Then report to you measurable, real-time data with and actionable results. Allowing your team to understand and have the ability to add valuable input to the process.

“Relationships are our most valuable asset”
Thomas Heuges – President


Tommy Heuges

President & Managing Partner

I love sales and a good challenge. Finding ways for us to work together that mutually benefits both companies makes it worth getting up early. Give me a call and let me know what you do really well and

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