Marketing Strategies

Our overall marketing strategies very slightly from campaign to campaign based on the goals and objective. We can not stress this enough, start with the data. If we are running a campaign for a client then we look only the data considered to be top 10% and analyze this. From here we will build a persona of an individual that we can talk to through our marketing. Think about sitting across the table from your ideal customer having a cup of coffee; what would you say to them? Your message has to be this conversation deployed in an OmniChannel fashion and have the ability to move the conversation forward no matter what channel they choose to take action. If your selling coffee makers and they actually buy a coffee maker then any ad, email, display that customer receives about purchasing a coffee machine is wasted marketing dollars. To be effective at this you have to map out and understand the customer’s journey; put the correct triggers and markers in place will allow you to move the conversation forward. So instead of this person seeing an ad for purchasing a coffee maker, they will see one for coffee or maybe coffee filters; depending on the supporting products you market.

Yes, we use this method for lead generation as well as for individual companies both branded and unbranded.